French/English Duo ACIDE ADORE Bewitches With Mystifying New Track ‘HEROINE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

3 September 2018

ACIDE ADORE is a French/English duo making moony music to get lost in, dreamy music
for the late hours. New track HEROINE confirms the duo’s high-quality songwriting again. The bewitching song is a fascinating journey. It starts intimately with a nearly spoken intro, a charming piano and a crying guitar, then turns quickly into an elevating melody only to restart suddenly from the very beginning. But slowly but surely the tension grows and the orchestration gets stronger with wonderful singer Mathilde Veyrunes‘ sensual and alluring vox on top of it. ‘Heroine‘ is a sweet little pearl. Partly chanson, partly symphony, partly pop. A rich, sonic adventure in only 3 minutes. Top score! Catch the splendour here…

ACIDE ADORE: Facebook – Twitter

You can stream HEROINE also on Spotify

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