London’s Glamorous Rockers GLOSSII Rattle And Roll On New Single ‘RUNAWAY ROCKAWAY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 September 2018


Who: Four fresh misfits from South-London “fusing a multitude of genres spanning post-punk, alt.rock, disco punk and garage punk. They embody the rebellious zeitgeist of 90’s and early 00’s female-fronted rock bands.”

Track: RUNAWAY ROCKAWAY – brand new single

Score: For those who believe the rumours that rock ‘n roll is dead here’s loud proof
that what you hear/read is fake news. London‘s young gunslingers called GLOSSII take
you on a roaring slow/fast roller coaster. Their new firecracker Runaway Rockaway has
all the right ingredients to turn you into a state of sweaty exultation. And when I tell you that dashing frontwoman Sofia Zanghirella‘s vibrant vox reminds me at times of Courtney Love’s‘s vocal sneer intensity than I’m pretty sure your body temperature will jump to a blisteringly heated level. They look glamorous and totally ready and they sound rowdy
and bang on. Hail hail! Get your rattling rock injection right here, right now…

GLOSSII: Facebook – Website – Twitter

RUNAWAY ROCKAWAY out now – stream/purchase via several platforms here

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