HERSELF Returns With New Sensitive Symphony ‘THE BEAST OF LOVE’ Featuring MERCURY REV’s Frontman JONATHAN DONAHUE…

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6 September 2018

Multifaceted Italian singer/songwriter GIOELE VALENTI is a dedicated 24/7 musician.
Last year, the one-time Lay Llamas member released the mesmerizing psych groove
album Our Mother Was A Plant with his psychedelic collective JUJU and next October
the softer, more soulful side of Valenti will enchant us with a brand new LP by his other project called HERSELF. Ahead of its release here’s the first track, entitled ‘THE BEAST
‘. A beautifully orchestrated mid-tempo ballad featuring Jonathan Donahue,
the wonderful and angel-like vox of legendary New York pop dreamers Mercury Rev.
The song resonates like a multi-instrumental symphony growing fuller in sound along
its starry-eyed path while Donahue‘s meditative voice floats all over it. You’ll definitely
need more than one spin to discover all the delightful layers. Capture the heartfelt
ardor right here and drift away, carelessly…

HERSELF: Facebook

THE BEAST OF LOVE – available, digitally, 7 September via UrtoVox

HERSELF will play on MERCURY REV‘s Italian shows (12-15 September) of their world
tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their masterpiece Deserter’s Songs

(photo on top by Turn Up The Volume! Ghent Belgium – 2018)

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