Canadian’s Indie Rockers COUNTERFEIT JEANS With Anxious Reality Reflection On New Single ‘NERVOUS WRECK’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 September 2018

Canadian‘s indie rockers COUNTERFEIT JEANS are back with new single NERVOUS WRECK. The writing of the song goes back to December 2016 dealing with the feelings of fear, panic, and anxiety that have permeated the air since the U.S. election. As the whole wide world unfortunately experienced in the meantime, things got really scary after that narcissistic idiot moved into the White House. He not only divided America but does anything in his power to divide the entire planet. Nervous Wreck is a multi-layered, bluesy guitar groove pushed by a solid bass/drums tandem, electrified with piercing licks and a, both, vibrating and reflective chorus. A remarkable score in many ways. Capture the sonic tension here…


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