THE STROKES Are Dead! Long Live SOMEDAYS! London’s Newcomers Debut With Swaggering Single ‘WHEN WE LEFT’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 September 2018



Who: A five-piece based in the capital of London creating “a thrilling and original take
on band music that nods to early Strokes with its deceptive simplicity and bare bones rock instrumentation, while encompassing a vast array of influences, both vintage and modern,
into a sound that immediately evokes the passion and fun of their rare musical connection.”

Pick: WHEN WE LEFT – debut single – “If youth is like having plenty of ink and blank pages then ‘When We Left’ is about using it all just to make paper planes” muses frontman Vittorio.

Score: This fresh gang called SOMEDAYS not only echoes and swirls like New York‘s
former premier league stars The Strokes, they also named themselves after one of
their best, early songs ‘Someday’. Quite risky, don’t you think? NOT! I was a fervent
Is This It’ fan (later on I lost interest as the Julian Casablancas led squad tried a bit to
hard to become media-adored singer/songwriters and forgot to rock ‘n’ roll). Therefore
I’m pretty sure the steamy swagger of ‘When We Left’ hit me instantly. Its glowing drive, its tenacious pace and its confident dynamic hit my ears without any resistance whatsoever. So, fuck the comparisons, these guys are here to have the time of their lives. The Strokes are dead! Long live Somedays! They look cool and they sound cool. That and only that matters right now, right here…

SOMEDAYS: Facebook – Instagram 

(pic on top via PR agent SOMEDAYS)

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