JOHNNY THUNDERS Solo Debut Album ‘SO ALONE’ Released 40 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

5 October 2018


Album: SO ALONE – Thunders’ first solo LP

Released: 6 October 1978 – 40 years ago

ALL MUSIC wrote: “Following the drug-fueled implosion of the Heartbreakers, Johnny Thunders bounced back with his first solo outing, So Alone. Featuring a veritable who’s who of ’70s punk and hard rock – Chrissie Hynde, Phil Lynott, Peter Perrett, Steve Marriott, Paul Cook, and Steve Jones, among others. The record was a testament to what the former New York Dolls guitarist could accomplish with a little focus. Much like Thunders’ best work with the New York Dolls and Heartbreakers, So Alone is a gloriously sloppy amalgam of R&B, doo-wop, and three-chord rock & roll.” Score: 4.5/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: Johnny Thunders – born John Anthony Genzale – looked like
a rock star, played like a rock star, but unfortunately died like an addicted rock star. ‘So Alone‘ sounds like his life. Wild, rough, confused, rowdy, plain-spoken and at times far-out.

Standout track: the inevitable…

Album in full…

JOHNNY THUNDERS: Biography – Discography

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