Welsh Trio RED TELEPHONE Designs Melancholic Pop On New Romantic Single – Here’s ‘VICTORIA PARK’…

New sonic impulses

5 October 2018

Band: RED TELEPHONE (Cardiff, Wales)

Track: VICTORIA PARK – singer Declan Andrews says it’s a song about “loose recollections of Victoria Park in Cardiff, where I used to go every now and again as a child. There’s something romantic about parks and there seems to be a strong relationship between parks and time too, especially with the memorandum benches and how a lot of them don’t change all that much compared to the people who visit them.”

Score: Victoria Park has all the satisfying ingredients of an impassioned humdinger.
A nostalgic melody, starry-eyed vocals and an overall gratifying, orchestral warmth that makes you long for happy-go-lucky childhood days. Its romantic and sonic feel reminds
me of the most sensitive vibes of British popsters Scritti Politti. Companionable music for meditative moments. Close your eyes and drift away right here…

RED TELEPHONE: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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