Post Punk Crusader MARK STEWART Shares Unreleased Track ‘PARANOIA’ From Special Reissue Of His Solo Debut Album…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 October 2018

MARK STEWART, original post-punk crusader and frontman of legendary Bristol misfits The Pop Group‘s also released (so far) 7 solo albums over the years. His first longplayer LEARNING TO COPE WITH COWARDICE recorded with his MAFFIA gang came out back
in 1983. It will be reissued next January alongside THE LOST TAPES, a newly discovered cache of unreleased material, via Mute records.

Godfather Mark Stewart perceives The Lost Tapes as a document that now possesses
a storied significance: “It was a real adventure discovering this forbidden history, a twisted
tale of Muswell hillbillies, French pirates and a Dutch schizophrenic doctor doing psychic archaeology.”

Producer and longtime sonic collaborator Adrian Sherwood describes The Lost Tapes as characteristic of a distinct primitivism: “They represent the early childhood of the songs before Mark and me conducted frenzied, scorched earth, slash-and-burn, twenty-hour mental, manic editing sessions at Crass’ studios that led to birthing the finished album.”

Here’s a taster from the 10-track collection of newly discovered material. PARANOIA is a dancey dub reggae groove sounding utterly fresh and catchy. Its feverish bass-driven vibe with Stewart‘s characteristic vox – half spoken, half sung – all over it and the fervent horns in the back will cause action near the area of your hips. Oh yeah, you can definitely dance to paranoia. You can try it for yourself right here…

MARK STEWART: Facebook –  Twitter

Out 25 January 2019 – more info here – pre-order facilities here

(photo on top: Turn Up The Volume!)

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