VAUREEN Produces Blistering Wall-Of-Guitar-Vehemence On Pitch Black Single ‘SECRET’…

Vibes that make us scream

9 October 2018

(photo: Jak Vinsek)


Who: A Brooklyn trio sounding “like if Sabbath joined Siouxsie and Sonic Youth for an epic weekend mushroom trip“. After two EP’s they’re totally ready for their first full length.

Track: SECRET – new track from upcoming debut LP ‘EXTRATERRA’ – out 26th October
via Rising Pull Records

Score: Hallelujah! As much decibels as My Bloody Valentine, as psychedelic as Spacemen 3 and Lydia Lunch‘s enigmatic spirit on vocals. Outcome? A slo-mo wave of blistering guitar layers, a steamrollin’ wall-of-shoegaze-vehemence. After a short electrified intro singer Andrea Horne‘s mystifying vox dominates for a while. Then, when the mind-crushing guitars and deep-rooted bass drones take over the sky colors pitch-black and entirely ominous. Like one of the darkest moments of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Capture the demonic tenor right here…

VAUREEN: Facebook – Website

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