LEXYTRON – International Singer/Songwriter Swirls On Adventurous Pop Exploit ‘BLACKMAIL’…

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11 October 2018


Who: “Half Greek, half Persian and half English – as she described herself age 5 – the Manchester-born Lexy found her identity in music early on as a pianist and violinist.”
The talented young artist will release her genre-crossing – flinging the dirt and
danger of rock n roll against the bleeding heart and melody of Mozart
– debut full
length ‘Something Blue‘ pretty soon via Car Boot Records

Track: BLACKMAIL – first track from the album. ‘Like the Devil’s take on a love song,
sick, twisted and tempting
‘ says Lexy.

Score: This is what an exciting, bold and adventurous debut is all about. ‘Blackmail‘ thunders relentlessly with Lexytron‘s reproachful vox swirling all over it, making damn
sure that her loud and clear message hits the target’s ears. You’ll be whipped up by the song’s pushing pace instantly. This multi-layered stroke rolls forcefully from its short synths intro to its electrical finale and gets an extra boost every time the psycho-bitch harmonies kick in.

Capture the dashing drive right here…

LEXYTRON: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

Free BLACKMAIL download via Bandcamp

(promo photo received via artist)

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