THE Y AXES Get Caught In The Moment On Stimulating Single ‘EMPTY SPACE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 October 2018


Who: A hip San francisco quartet claiming “we are not the future of pop music,
we are pop music from the future

Pick: EMPTY SPACE – new single from upcoming album ‘No Waves‘. Frontwoman Alexi Rose Belchere says that: “the story of the song is a struggle with internal voids and Empty Spaces. The narrative of the song is constantly flirting with the idea of getting caught up in the moment — something like a summer romance — to escape these internal struggles, but self-doubt and overthinking always catches up and sucks you in.”

Score: Despite the reflective doubts and concerns about living in the moment ‘Empty Space‘ equally celebrates the enjoyment of emotional intensity of letting things just happen now and then. Well, that’s how I personally experience the song’s stimulating spirit. I’m sure you’ll be hipped up too by its propelling drive and buoyant flow. It’s a buzzing crackerjack that gets under your skin from the very start, reminding me of Blondie‘s early get-up-and-go adrenalin before they became a disco band. Press the
button and remember what Bob Dylan once sang “Don’t think twice, it’s all right‘…

THE Y AXES: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

EMPTY SPACE now available via Bandcamp and iTunes

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