One Of The Loudest Kick-Ass Engines On The Planet – Here’s PINK ROOM…

PINK ROOM – De Centrale – Ghent, Belgium – 17 October 2018

You want it loud, deafeningly loud. I mean DEAFENINGLY & EAR-SPLITTINGLY LOUD!
Than clamorous motherrockers PINK ROOM are the merciless canons that can fulfill
all of your deranged wishes. I wrote about these mind-crashing outcasts before and I
will do so in the future. The key man of this volcanic trio is that devilish frontman and bassist BART COQUYT. A loudmouthed primal screamer producing the blustering sound of a supersonic starfighter on its way to crash. His far-out demonic vox is beyond normal and I’m sure one day his head will literally explode on stage. Compared to this madman’s decibels level the late, great Kurt Cobain sounds like a smooth folk singer. Maestro Coquyt is assisted by a thunderous drummer and a rip-roaring guitarist turning this three-headed noise beast into a giant force able to blow all fucking Trumps of this troubled world into space… forever. Hallelujah. Hail hail Pink Room!

Here’s an idea of this desperadoes’ live power

And here are their two latest singles



Shots from the heated show last Wednesday


Noise sets you free

Play that funky bass, loud boy

Meet and greet and scream with the fans

Hellish combo

PINK ROOM: Facebook

(All pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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