Scottish Indie Team PARLIAMO Electrifies With Stormy Ripper ‘ALL DOLLED UP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 November 2018


Who: Five young noisy indie gunslingers from Perth, Scotland

Pick: ALL DOLLED UP – Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite track from
the band’s debut EP ‘Thrill Of The Chase‘.

Score: This stormy ripper thrills terrifically from its first swaggering beat to its flamboyant finale. Big banging drums, hurry-scurry guitars, nasty bass, edged vocals and a scream & shout along chorus that sticks as first-rate glue. That’s the buzzing way this cutting team brings you a stirred up love song. Get the razor-sharp intensity here…

PARLIAMO: Facebook

THRILL OF THE CHASE EP out now – stream it on Spotify

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