Georgia’s Stirring Collective PYLON REENACTMENT SOCIETY Grooves On New Single ‘MESSENGER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 November 2018


Who: Stirring collective out of Athens, Georgia that formed in 2014 with former
Pylon‘s near legendary frontwoman Vanessa Briscoe Hay right in the middle.

Pick: MESSENGER – brand new single

Score: This is an ongoing drum/bass pushed groove that gets your hungry ears’ attention from the get-go. When the jangling guitars kick in followed by frontwoman Vanessa Hay‘s vocal reflections on love and war the whole sonic picture comes together organically. And when this crackerjack’s intensity grows as the beat goes on it only gets funkier and zippier. Top cut. Enjoy the lively vibe right here…

You can pre-order the single and its B-side via Bandcamp

PRS: Facebook – Website

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