LIONS OF DISSENT Spreads Amplified Disco Fever With New Single ‘TURN UP THE STRUGGLE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 November 2018


Who: “From cryptic beginnings 3 years ago as a multimedia solo project, 2017 saw Lions
of Dissent suddenly explode into a 3D technicolour reality. A band choosing to embrace
a more collective and collaborative ethos.A sonic and visual space odyssey, orbiting its own sphere – self-producing every aspect of their creative output, from design and screen printing to
curating their own photo-shoots and video content, but with a predominant focus on the most important part, music.”

Track: TURN UP THE STRUGGLE – New single out via Lion Rebel Recordings on 30th November. Described by singer/songwriter Tim Baker as “a dream-like parallel musical universe where NYC 79 meets WLV 18”. No idea what he’s talking about, but it sounds clever.

Score: Get ready to shake your booty, ladies and gents. Here’s a swooshing disco banger that will have a resistless impact on the whole of your body and all of your senses. The oiled motor of this cracker is an ongoing drum/bass beat you simply can’t resist. Add sprightly guitars, bouncy keys, stimulating male/female vocals, an uplifting chorus and what you get is amplified dance ebullience. Saturday night fever all over again but with more punch, more fervor and more glam and glitter. We all know life is a struggle, but don’t let that stop you from going bonkers now and then. Here’s the fuel to get you going…

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