Mayhem. Destruction. Escape. Here’s BAD ANIMAL With Their New Jigsaw Single ‘BLACKOUT’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 November 2018


Who: “A ravenous Canadian quintet never content with resting easy on their laurels, each of their releases continues to push the band into higher strata. They know, as well as you do, that each new song, each new show, each new album is a test of their mettle, a battle against mediocrity, an artistic expression of the kind of freedom that redefines reality.”

Track: BLACKOUT – single from new, upcoming album – the band says they want you to feel three things when you set your eyes (and ears) on their smashing art piece that they created: Mayhem. Destruction. Escape.

Score: This.Is.Fierce.Jigsaw.Electricity.Fueled.With.Mean.Guitars.And.Raging.Vocals.You.


BAD ANIMAL: Facebook – Website

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