WARDROBE Turns ‘COME BACK AND STAY’ Into Heavy-Hearted Ballad…

While recording new songs for his upcoming album Belgian singer/songwriter Johan Verckist and his musical vehicle WARDROBE, stimulated by their producer, had a stroke
of instant productivity and inventive imagination and covered COME BACK AND STAY in
a flash of time. Yes, that longing love song made famous by Paul Young back in 1983, but actually written by Jack Lee, the guitarist of 70s Los Angeles power pop trio The Nerves.

Wardrobe‘s version is a much darker affair, due to a yearning violin that comes and goes and returns as if it wants to put an evil spell on the lovers’ future. Add Verckist‘s almost whispering voice and suddenly you’re in Tindersticks land. Light a candle and listen/watch right here…

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