THEM VIBES – Nashville Rockers Going Steamy On ‘NOTHING’S BETTER THAN YOU’

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4 December 2018

I saw these bluesy motherrockers from Nashville, Tennessee going really hot and smoking in a cosy bar in the beautiful beach city of Ostend in Belgium a couple of years ago and they nailed it big time. Imagine The Stones having a wild tequila session with the Eagles. Steamy, frisly, bouncy, jumpy and totally rollin’. I lost track some time afterward, but hello Internet, welcome back THEM VIBES. You still rumble like the best and your new drummer looks amazingly cool. C’mon, turn it up, ladies and gents, nothing’s better than them vibes…

THEM VIBES: Facebook

(Press promo photo on top via THEM VIBES / live pic by TUTV!)

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