THEM VIBES – Nashville Rockers Going Steamy On ‘NOTHING’S BETTER THAN YOU’

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4 December 2018

I saw these bluesy motherrockers from Nashville, Tennessee going really hot and smoking in a cosy bar in the beautiful beach city of Ostend in Belgium a couple of years ago and they nailed it big time. Imagine The Stones having a wild tequila session with the Eagles. Steamy, frisly, bouncy, jumpy and totally rollin’. I lost track some time afterward, but hello Internet, welcome back THEM VIBES. You still rumble like the best and your new drummer looks amazingly cool. C’mon, turn it up, ladies and gents, nothing’s better than them vibes…

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Them bangs, today…

Them Vibes, in 2016 in Belgium …

THEM VIBES – Devilish Tequila Shots in Belgium…


THEM VIBES – Manuscript Bar, Oostende – 4 February 2016


I don’t know where or when I heard MAMMA’S GOTTA SECRET by Nashville based blues rock junkies THEM VIBES for the first time. But that dazzling Americana cracker with its irresistible chorus and psychedelic twist crept into my veins and brains and straight into my end-of-the-year-of-2015 All Star Team. It’s the lead track of their rousing 2015 TV EP. Pure, 18 karat score. So thank you so much, rock & roll God out there, for bringing them waves to Belgium last Thursday. To Ostend, a beautiful city at the Belgian coast, for a night to embrace with both arms and to remember for a long time…

Welcome to Belgium, TV…

The key word was shots. Tequila shots, rock & roll shots, whiskey shots, blues shots. And not to forget, Duvel* shots for yours truly. Yes, booze & burning noise was the dope on and off stage. The best combination of medicine to absorb the devil’s music ritually as it should. From the first chord on them crusaders exposed their true diabolic persona. The band’s co-founder/songwriter Alex Haddad produced a swirling avalanche of fiendish riffs and hellish hooks while thunderous drums/bass team work generated nasty grooves. King-sized stuff. The packed bar got the rollicking spirit right away with a rapidly overall increased intake of alcohol shots as intoxicating result. It helped us also to face…

… frontman/founder/songwriter Larry Florman aka Brother Love. Beware, the man’s stage name will mislead you as he’s actually a satanic apostle of badass rock and roll…

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name…

His black crowe voice filled the whole room while he moved constantly like a rolling stone on a satisfaction mission, only taking a short break for a shot of tequila now and then. Essential, spirituous gasoline for the thirsty vox’s engine…

Jagger with balls…

Brother Love masters the art of using all the seducing I-am-the-best-frontman-in-the-world tricks in the right way. And we all liked it every single second. He came from across the ocean to Belgium only to convince the people – eye to eye, with a grin on his face – to sell him their soul. Jesus’ foe came out rich again…

Eye to eye…

You know – all you gig addicts out there – that when a band announces some acoustic songs, midway their set, it’s like a signal to several spectators to rush to the toilets for some surplus streams of alcohol…

Not tonight as the band played some amplified country ballads with paralyzing effect. Touching harmonies. Towering sentiments. Bluesy feelings. It felt – I know I’m a romantic fool – as a tribute to the recently, too soon, deceased eagle, Glenn Frey

Harmonic eagles…

The Nashville rock missionaries ended their storming show as they began it… with some explosive slams. I know it’s only rock & roll but it feeds my body, heart and soul. It’s vital. It’s damn important to keep breathing 24/7. And THEM VIBES delivered tons of oxygen with an exceptional passion, energy and respect for the roots but with their own special and furious mark. Steamy, sweaty & intense. Ace crafted jams, smoking swagger. They state that they bleed rock & roll. Trust me, they really do. Sell them your soul. You will
not regret it, not one single shot

Afterwards, on my way out, my eyes crossed the ones of a familiar face at the end of the bar in the right back corner. We smiled. We both understood. It was one of those magic nights. It felt really good to see Keef looking happy again…

Their best shot so far

THEM VIBES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

2013 LP SHINE ON in full…


2015 ALL STAR TEAM – 21 Inflammable Crackers…


21 Inflammable Tracks
On repeat in 2015
21 Number Ones …

1/ ‘Acetate’ by METZ
Noise kamikaze to blow all war-obsessed leaders off this planet – titanic psycho riffs!
Album: ‘II’ – iTunes
Home: Toronto, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Hungry Heart’ by YAK
A monstrous garage rock bolide to test your speakers – again and again and again.
EP: ‘No’ – on Jack White’s Third Man Records
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Pears For Lunch’ by GIRL BAND
Barbed wired post-punk havoc from girl band with 4 boys – sharp as a metallic knife.
Album: ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ – iTunes
Home: Dublin, Ireland
Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘I Wanna Hit’ by TUBELIGHT
Nasty moving beast exploding into a hammering drum driven finale – mind-bending ride!
Album: ‘Heliosphere’ – on iTunes
Home: Diest, Belgium
Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Pedestrian At Best’ by COURTNEY BARNETT
A rousing dead cool 18-karat killer track from an 18-karat killer album.
Album: ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’ – on iTunes
Home: Sydney, Australia
Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Slow Down Low’ by MOON DUO
Heavy adrenalized, organ-driven psych roller – to start any December 31 party!
Album: ‘Shadow Of The Sun’ – on iTunes
Home: San Francisco, California
Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore’ by LUCY DACUS
Dacus’ frustration turned into an ongoing thunderous ramble – utterly irresistible!
Album: ‘No Burden’ – out 26 February via EggHunt Records
Home: Richmond, Virginia
Facebook – Twitter

8/ ‘Bros’ by WOLF ALICE
Best pop song in ages from the hottest electric pop band of the year – fabulous triumph!
Album: ‘My Love Is Cool’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

9/ ‘Mama’s Gotta A Secret’ by THEM VIBES
Blues based rock & roll Americana with an irresistible flow & a towering chorus.
Album: Mini 5 track LP ‘TV’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Nashville, Tennessee
Website – Facebook – Twitter

10/ ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY
Psych synth-driven snake – catch these anarchistic dopeheads before they kill each other.
Album: ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ – out January 22 via Fat Possum Records
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

Music-alcoholic Anton Newcombe always delivers – contagious as first-class glue!
Mini-album: ‘Thingy Wingy’ – on iTunes
Base: Berlin, Germany
Website – Facebook – Twitter

12/ ‘Chlorine’ by THE DISTRICTS
Most appealing & captivating quit/loud rock swagger of 2015 – superior performance.
Album: ‘A Flourish And A Spoil’ – on iTunes
Home: Lititz, Pennsylvania
Facebook – Twitter

13/ ‘Double Trouble’ by PUBLIC IMAGE LTD
The broken toilet lyrics are bollocks but the groove cuts like a Friday-the-13th-razorblade!
Album: ‘What The World Needs Now…’ – on iTunes
Home: Los Angeles (rich punk cunt!)
Website – Facebook – Twitter

14/ ‘Marks To Prove It’ by THE MACCABEES
A piercing, fully charged and tempo changing masterstroke – astonishing rollercoaster!
Album: ‘Marks To Prove It’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

15/ ‘Mad Truth’ by THE POP GROUP
The prostitutes are back with a bang and funky craziness to dance your socks off!
Album: Citizen Zombie – on iTunes
Home: Bristol, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

16/ ‘Bunker Buster’ by VIET CONG
Dark colored post-punk passion on the edge of a breakdown – highly fascinating!
Album: ‘Viet Cong’ – on iTunes
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

17/ ‘I Remember’ by EYEMOUTH
Slow burning creepy drone heading step by step to a colossal final – a sonic revelation!
EP: ‘Black and Blue Latitudes’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Gothenburg, Sweden
Website – Facebook – Twitter

18/ ‘Dream On, Baby Blue’ by CHORUSGIRL
Glittering pop cut wrapped in an energizing melody & spiced w/ flamboyant harmonies.
Album: ‘Chorusgirl’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

19/ ‘I’m A Girl’ by PEACE
Power guitar pop ecstasy to scream along at the top of your lungs – pure rapture!
Album: Happy People’ – on iTunes
Home: Birmingham, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

20/ ‘Let Me In’ by V0iD
Euphoric rock anthem Foo Fighters never wrote – play this VERY LOUD & burst!
Album: ‘Keep Fighting’ – on iTunes
Home: Llanelli/Swansea, Wales
Facebook – Twitter

21/ ‘End Of Faith’ by THE AUTUMN STONES
Soulful sax melancholy – tempting roxy music with Johnny Marr on saxophone.
Album: Escapists – on iTunes
Home: Toronto, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

Have all a stunning 2016

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SEVEN IN THE MIX! Weekend September 5-6…


Seven dope tracks to kindle the weekend…

1/ ‘Grove Street’ by FLORENCE BLACK
Glowing blues rock passion from South Wales – fiery intensity!
Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Mamma’s Gotta Secret’ by THEM VIBES
New electrifying slab from Nashville’s clamorous Americana rockers.
Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Triumph’ by SONIC JESUS
Hypnotic neo-psych groove from debut album of these mind-twisting Italian rockers.
Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Redesign’ by STEREO OFF
Thundering rock drive fused with electro vibes – booming Brooklyn fury.
Bandcamp – Website – Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Toxic Surf Party’ by SLOPPY KISS SOIREE
A twisted slice of psycho punk from down under – eccentric stuff!
Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘This Is England’ by THE JACQUES

Bristol’s punk rockers definitely not happy with their country – sharp ‘libertines’ slab.
Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Stranger Daze’ by GODDAMN NOBODY
‘Doo-wop psych jangle’ out of Cornwall (UK) – glorious messy drive.
Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, musci junkies