British Pyscho-billy Maniacs TV DEATH Wake Up The ‘LIVING DEAD’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

21 July 2022

Who: Raw and rough squad from Newcastle (UK) punk with
psychedelic ideals, Newcastle’s TV Death transmit a potent
brand of garage rock, with dark lyrics delivered with a distinctly
sharp abrasiveness.

New single: LIVING DEAD

Death is the keyword
Psycho-billy maniacs
Horror-ific haymaker
Wall-of-holy-smoke havoc
Sawing guitars
Post-punk turbulence
Hellish vocals
Pulverizing chorus

Pick and kick of the day
for all zombies out there

Wake them up here…

Also storming on Spotify

TV DEATH: Facebook – Instagram – 2021 ‘ISOLATION’ EP on Spotify

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