T. REX Scored Big One With Third LP ‘SLIDER’ 50 Years Ago Today (Yes The One With The Iconic Front Sleeve)

Back in time

21 July 2022

Band: T. REX
Active: 1967-1977 / 16 studio LPs

R.I.P. Marc Bolan (30 September 1947 – 16 September 1977)

Anniversary album: SLIDER
The third LP after changing (in 1968) their name
from Tyrannosaurus Rex to T.Rex
Released: 21 July 1972 – 50 years ago today
Produced by Tony Visconti
Score: #4 in the UK, #13 in the US

Pitchfork said: “The Slider exudes confidence to the point of becoming delirious and
drunk on Bolan’s own self-regard, careening between bawdy, brash Little Richard lop-bam-booms, weirdo machismo rock, and ethereal acoustic ballads, while line by line Bolan toggles between profundity and inanity, melancholia and nonsense… Bolan was content to blur the lines between genres. No longer happy with those weedy full-lengths and favoring instead the concision of a 45, T. Rex’s greatest songs hit like hard candy: crunchy, mouth-tingling sweet,
and a little unreal.”
Full review here. Score: 9.5/10

TUTV: Bolan embodied all things rock ‘n roll star. Glam and glitter looks, glam and glitter moves, glam and glitter ego, and most of all glam and glitter tunes still played worldwide today. Legend 4ever.

Singles/clips: Metal Gutu / Telegram Sam



Stream all glam and glitter on Slider on Spotify..

T. REX: Bio – Discography

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