Believe In LUCY DACUS As She Slows CHER Down

21 July 2022

After three praised albums American singer-songwriter LUCY DACUS (27)
has reached the status of indie star. She was invited recently to be part of
the Spotify Cover Singles series.

She picked that giga blockbuster hit BELIEVE by CHER, one of the
best selling singles in history with more than 11 million copies.

Lucy: “I love Cher’s voice and how low it gets. The timbre of her voice is so unique, you can recognize it anywhere. Even with the autotune, you can tell that it’s Cher and nobody else. But, on our cover, taking away the autotune, I feel like you can tell that the structure of the song is very special and I did feel myself accidentally wanting to become Cher when I was doing vocal takes. It could never happen, but I love a low voiced pop legend.



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