Solid Gold Classic Glam Rock Punch – JO-JO & THE TEETH Have ‘NO MORE GOOD NEWS’ For You

Daily electricity to load your batteries

15 July 2022

Band: JO-JO & THE TEETH (London, UK)
Who: A glam art-rock squad with a dark & moody,
driving sound rooted in old fashion guitar Rock’N’Roll

Second cut from their forthcoming, second LP

“It was written after hearing that Tom Petty had died.
David Bowie was lost the year before. Two of the band’s
musical heroes.”

Score: When you look glamorous, move glamorous, and sound glamorous,
you have my attention on the spot. This London’s colorful gang’ new classic
glam rock punch is a solid gold, in your teeth, ripsnorter that mourns the
loss of rock heroes such as Tom Petty and Bowie. Its fervent flow gets under
your skin from the get-go. A voltaic retro-resounding guitar goes solo midway
and challenges the somber mood. Rawk ‘n roll.

And then, in the middle, Jo-Jo O’Donoghue
from Lacombe Alberta, Canada.

The Big Bad Bitch with the Microphone. The Conjurer.
The Loudest Witch In The East & The West.

She’s the good news amidst the bad news.
Her heartfelt and vehement vocals impress
all the way.

The show must go on.

Right here, right now…

JO-JO & THE TEETH: Facebook – Instagram

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