From Acoustic Solo Perfomer To Rock And Roll Animal With A Band – ILA Showed The Titanic Transformation Again Last Night On Stage

19 July 2022

Band: ILA
Who: Vigorous post-rock trio, led by Belgian singer-songwriter
Ilayda Cicek blessed with a unique voice and unadulterated
emotions that unmask the inconsistencies of life.

Concert: Boomtown Fest – Ghent, Belgium – 18 July 2022

I remember seeing Ilayda Cicek for the first time, about five years ago. She looked shy
and vulnerable but her short support act set of intimate musings in a small club was one not to forget. She blew me away only with her soul-stirring voice and an acoustic guitar. Her vocal tone, timbre, and range caused goosebumps.

A couple of years later she started to turn up the decibels with the help of an impressive bassist/guitarist and a bang-on drummer and drew the attention of excited music fans and the national press. Last year’s awe-inspiring debut album Felt cemented all the great things we got so far from ILA.

I suppose Ilayda will be tired by now of being compared with PJ Harvey all the time,
but that is how imposing, how compelling, and how special she is. Her vocal fervency, profound passion, and emotive energy cause a sort of trance-like experience.

Yesterday from opener Energy to the jaw-dropping finale of new single Live To Love and the brilliant masterstroke climax Leave Me Dry she showed why she played/plays several big festivals this summer.

ILA is real, ILA is authentic, ILA is here to stay for a very long time.

New single/video Live To Love

Stream/buy FELT here…

ILA: Facebook – Spotify

(Photos by Turn Up The Volume)

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