Profound Passion And Emotive Energy With ILA

9 April 2022

Band: ILA
Who: Vigorous post-rock trio, led by Belgian singer-songwriter
Ilayda Cicek blessed with a unique voice and unadulterated
emotions that unmask the inconsistencies of life.

Concert: 4AD, Disksmuide, Belgium – 7 April 2022

I remember seeing Ilayda Cicek for the first time, about five years ago. She looked shy
and vulnerable but her short support act set of intimate musings in a small club was one not to forget. She blew me away with just her soul-stirring voice and her acoustic guitar. Her vocal tone, timbre, and range caused goosebumps. A couple of years later she started to turn up the decibels with the help of an impressive bassist/guitarist and a bang-on drummer and drew the attention of music fans and the press. Last year’s awe-inspiring debut album Felt cemented all the great things about ILA.

Last Thursday she got our attention once again.

I suppose Ilayda will be tired by now of being compared with PJ Harvey all the time, but that is how imposing, how compelling, and how special she is. Her vocal fervency, profound passion, and emotive energy cause a sort of trance-like experience.

Stunning songs like Eternity, Deity, Din, and the very personal master blaster Leave Me Dry (which should be a massive hit in a normal world) get under your skin without asking.

She’s on her way to some prestigious festival appearances this summer. Along with her dynamite duo, ILA will draw even more attention. Their authenticity, their rapture, and the first-rate songwriting are self-explanatory.

ILA is real, ILA is here to stay for a very long time.

Stream/buy FELT here…

ILA: Facebook – Spotify

(Photos by Turn Up The Volume)

Turn Up The Volume’s 20 KNOCKOUT TRACKS Of The Month – SEPTEMBER 2021

Turn Up The Volume‘s 20 Knockout Tracks for September 2021!
A stream of rattling rippers, jagged jams and romantic reveries.

All together on Spotify…

Track by Track…

‘Hertz’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Australia)

Blustering blast from their second smoking LP Comfort To Me
with punked-up Amyl, as we know her, on an adrenalin rush.

Join her wild ride…


‘Queen Of Swords’ by TYPHOID ROSIE (Brooklyn, New York)

Rousing Riot grrrl Rosie Rebel and her riff-racing rascals go full steam ahead on
the tense title track of their smoking new album. If you want to know more about this lively gang check the recent interview Rosie Rebel did with Turn Up The Volume right here.

Start your own moshpit…


‘Leave Me Dry’ by ILA (Belgium)

With this new standout, ILA reveals a total turnover in resonance. She rocks, raves, and rolls backed by steamy wall-of-towering turbulence. Mind you, the heartfelt fervency, personal turmoil and vocal vehemence are still intact. Can’t wait to find out if this is actually another page in her magical music book.

Turn it up…


‘I Know You Know’ by LORE CITY (Portland, Oregon)

A highlight of Participation Mystique, the fourth longplayer by this most thrilling duo with Laura Mariposa Williams‘ bewitching voice as the heroine. Her psychedelic, gothic,
far-out, and at times wailing timbre magnetizes and hypnotizes while wandering in an orchestral space. Learn more about these intriguing artists in their recent interview
with Turn Up The Volume.

Discover and enjoy…


‘Spirit Power And Soul’ by JOHNNY MARR (Manchester, UK)

“It’s a kind of mission statement. I had an idea about in electro sound
with gospel feeling. In my own words, an electro soul anthem.”

It’s a pithy psych jam, with spirit, power, and soul of course.

Here comes Johnny…


‘The Aftermath’ by BEECH (Belgium)

This Belgian quartet brings Scottish daydreamers Teenage Fanclub to mind. Combine this with the band’s slacker rock sensibility and jingle-jangle jives and what you get is a tingling tune. It’s called pop-ular music.


‘My Drug’ by DAILY WORKER (Austin, Texas)

The alter ego of Texan prize-winning poet and guitarist Harold Whit Williams.

This is a sickly sticky dope tune, one that makes me smile from left to right
and back. One shot of this, and you’ll jump around the room like a kangaroo
on speed.

Feel the vibrant vibe…


‘Sometime’ by THE HIGH LOVES (Toronto, Canada)

This has everything a perky pop pearl needs. Play it in the morning, in the evening and every hour in between and at the end of the day you feel so much better and most of all it’s a truly helpful way to process a breakup. So much cheaper than therapy.

Press play to change your mood…


‘Regrets’ by TIDAL WAVE (Toronto, Canada)

Regrets floats on layers of shoegaze guitars and fervid vocals while growing to an engrossing level of electrifying epicness when the glowing chorus kicks in. Trust me,
a couple of spins and you’re addicted. Fact!

Here’s why…


‘Medicate + Alleviate’ by LIONS OF DISSENT (Wolverhampton, UK)

The fever of The Verve‘s urban hymns, the sassy swagger of Oasis in slo-mo
with 60s organs and the fervent flair of 90s Britpop. The final result is obvious.
A bittersweet blistering symphony. Touchdown!


‘Young Foxes’ by ULTRA SUNN (Brussels, Belgium)

The darkwave tandem is on depeche modus with this shadow-dancing single from their brand new, second EP Body Electric. Expect booming beats, doomed drones, eerie vocals, and a repetitive bass synth riff that sticks as first-rate glue. A club cracker!

Put your black leather jacket on and shake your booty…


‘Big Boy Games’ by TEROUZ (Montreal, Canada)

This riveting ripper starts with a mid-tempo drum-driven intro, gliding quickly into
a swing and sway your hips chorus, followed by a moment of reflection. The whole
process repeats itself and gets slowly but surely under your skin. You’ll love every
second of this electro roller coaster.

Here‘s why…


‘I Miss It’ by JODIE LANGFORD (Hull / East Yorkshire, UK)

This young, outspoken, and observative artist – a female Mike Skinner – reflects the dreadful freedom-restricting sentiments of the past lockdown times in her new word rap waterfall jam. An intoxicating and groovetastic house stomper making you euphoric now that you can freak out again in nightclubs.

Hip, hop and pop this way…



“It’s Fine” examines themes of jealousy and insecurity in open relationships.”

Not an easy issue to write a song about, but embedded in an ebullient earworm like
this, it’s fine. Impossible to resist this tremendously infectious corker spinning around like forever inviting you to pirouette yourself dizzy while duet vocals push the pace. No pause, no breathing space, no interval, always straight on.

One spin and you’re hooked…


‘Wytch Lych’ by VAZUM (Detroit, MI)

Sonically this surreal saga wouldn’t be out of place on a Gary Numan album. Lyrically it’s like an ode to the unknown eternity. In my imagination Wytch Lych resonates like a funeral hymn, celebrating the imperishability of the soul. Stunning vocals, striking synth shadows, and an overall spellbinding impressiveness. Top stuff!


‘Case History’ by LOSSLINE (Manchester, UK)

When I listened to this new little pearl on Spotify for the first time, it was followed
by the title track of the upcoming LP of The War On Drugs. I swear I thought that
it was another Lossline song. It was that melancholic guitar glow that confused
my ears. It wasn’t until Adam Granduciel‘s voice came up that I knew it wasn’t
the Manchester duo.


‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’ by THE WAR ON DRUGS (Philadelphia)

See track above. The moony title track of the new upcoming album, out 29 October.


‘Lights In The Expanse Of The Sky’ by DREW FIVE (London)

Close your eyes, relax and imagine you’re floating into space where Spiritualized‘s mastermind Jason Pierce lives while playing this hallucinatory ambient trip on your headphones.

The sky is the limit…


‘Freedom’ by CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS (France)

French songstress Héloïse Adélaïde Letissier returns with two new songs,
with this one as my favorite. A slow-burning and emotive humdinger with
a gospel-like choir.



‘Sunday Morning’ by MICHAEL STIPE (US)

Last Friday ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror – A Tribute To The Velvet Underground’
came out with a cast of big names honoring the iconic band’s 1967 debut LP.

It’s impossible to top the classic original Sunday Morning (sung by Lou Reed)
but Michael Stipe‘s is pretty impressive.

Have a listen…

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

Heartfelt Singer-Songwriter ILA Surprises Big Time With Her New Striking Single ‘LEAVE ME DRY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

18 September 2021

Artist: ILA
Who: The moniker of Belgian singer-songwriter
Ilayda Cicek. Her music is characterized with a
unique voice and unadulterated emotions which
unmask the inconsistencies of life.

New single: LEAVE ME DRY

Turn Up The Volume: I remember seeing for the first time – about 4 years ago – a shy songstress, who called herself Ila, playing a short set of intimate musings in a small club. She blew me away with only two instruments, her soul-stirring voice, and her acoustic guitar. Her vocal tone, timbre, and range caused goosebumps. That’s what I call the WOW experience. Enough reasons to see her performing several times more afterward as she got better and better as a songwriter and a performer. A couple of years later she turned up the volume a bit with the help of an (electric) guitarist and a drummer making her overall sound fuller, but still as passionate as before.

And here we are now, recovering from what I just heard. Leave Me Dry is a total turnover
in resonance. ILA rocks, raves, and rolls backed by a steamy wall-of-towering turbulence. Yep, another WOW experience for me, but also for my speakers. Mind you, the heartfelt fervency, personal turmoil and vocal vehemence are still intact. Can’t wait to find out if
this is actually another page in her magical music book.

Touch me while I’m still yours
You leave me dry

ILA: FacebookSpotify

Leave Me Dry out now via Noisesome Records/Management

Singer/Songwriter ILA Sends Shivers Down Your Spine With Heart-Rending Cut From Her New EP- Here’s ‘NUDE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 September 2019

Last year ago I saw this quite talented Belgian singer-songwriter Ilayda Cicek aka ILA performing for the first time. It was an acoustic set. Just a guitar and a significant voice. Later on, she decided to add electricity to her heartfelt songs. She’s surrounded now
by a drummer and a guitarist with herself on electric guitar too. The turn around is overwhelming. So much more intensity, so much more passion and fire, also so much more confidence after playing a series of notable gigs.

Last Sunday I saw her performing once again. It felt like Jeff Buckley‘s ghost was in the house. Ila‘s bluesy musings and passionate reveries resonated as vulnerable, fragile and soul-stirring as Buckley‘s troubled introspections and disturbing contemplations once did. Ila‘s tense vocal timbre and highly sensitive discharge were at times similarly breathtaking as what we heard from that late great songwriter before. Quite an achievement!

After her 2018 self-titled 4-track live EP she will release her first studio record on 18th October. A new EP, titled Montagne. Ahead of it, here’s a first poignant cut called NUDE that summarizes everything what I experienced last Sunday. Discover the authentic beauty right here…

Now you’re here I definitely want to share this following live footage of HOME,
one of her most gripping songs so you’ll get an idea of her impressive live presence…

ILA: Facebook