Singer/Songwriter ILA Sends Shivers Down Your Spine With Heart-Rending Cut From Her New EP- Here’s ‘NUDE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 September 2019

Last year ago I saw this quite talented Belgian singer-songwriter Ilayda Cicek aka ILA performing for the first time. It was an acoustic set. Just a guitar and a significant voice. Later on, she decided to add electricity to her heartfelt songs. She’s surrounded now
by a drummer and a guitarist with herself on electric guitar too. The turn around is overwhelming. So much more intensity, so much more passion and fire, also so much more confidence after playing a series of notable gigs.

Last Sunday I saw her performing once again. It felt like Jeff Buckley‘s ghost was in the house. Ila‘s bluesy musings and passionate reveries resonated as vulnerable, fragile and soul-stirring as Buckley‘s troubled introspections and disturbing contemplations once did. Ila‘s tense vocal timbre and highly sensitive discharge were at times similarly breathtaking as what we heard from that late great songwriter before. Quite an achievement!

After her 2018 self-titled 4-track live EP she will release her first studio record on 18th October. A new EP, titled Montagne. Ahead of it, here’s a first poignant cut called NUDE that summarizes everything what I experienced last Sunday. Discover the authentic beauty right here…

Now you’re here I definitely want to share this following live footage of HOME,
one of her most gripping songs so you’ll get an idea of her impressive live presence…

ILA: Facebook

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