The Best Debut Single Of 2022 (So Far) – Northern-Irish Indie Quartet TRAMP With ‘FRANKENSTEIN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 June 2022

Who: Indie power pop from
Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Debut single: FRANKENSTEIN

“As a story or metaphor, we are all ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ – made up of other people’s opinions and parts that don’t belong to us. That we were born perfect but people, in their
own conditioning, come along and can make us feel undesirable/inadequate/the monster.
But we can choose to be real instead.”

Score: Was Frankenstein a tramp? Whatever. this is without a shadow of a doubt
the best debut single I heard so far this year. A towering tune going low, high and
back. A sickly sticky pop tune wrapped in a big-boisterious-wall-of-sound.

And upfront, Sianna Lafferty‘s phenomenal voice gives you goosebumps when
she goes sky-high on the chorus. The ardency of Porridge Radio comes to mind.
In a normal world (does that exist?) Frankenstein should be a huge hit.
One word: AWESOME.

“I am not what you want me to be
Uncle Sam won’t even point at me
Even the eyes of the Virgin Mary wall
hanging won’t even stare at me.”


Buy the single via Bandcamp.

TRAMP: Facebook – Instagram

Thanks for the tip Geoff!

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