Canadian Foursome NEVER BETTERS Going Electric On New Mixed Emotions Single ‘ALONE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

4 December 2018


Who: Pop worshipping punkers from different bands getting together
in the church of fuzz somewhere in London, Ontario, Canada

Pick: ALONE – new single about “trying to enjoy the euphoria of new love or infatuation, without being bogged down by the harsh reality that the affection is unrequited.”

Score: These Canadian noisemakers have their own way to deal with an unanswered love. Instead of writing a downcast ballad about it, they turn up their guitar amps and crush a poppy melody into a Sonic Youth frenzy along a ruthless drums/bass beat while sensitive female vocals sing you the mixed emotions story of being alone. The fierce/mirthless combination works weirdly well. Find out why right here…

NEVER BETTERS: Facebook –  Twitter

ALONE out now – available on Bandcamp

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