British Psych Outfit DOROTHY VALLENS Calls It A Day With One More Chilling Album…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

British DIY psych outfit DOROTHY VALLENS, the vehicle of singer/songwriter Joe Rosam
calls it a day after releasing several sound-exploring albums since 2014. They produced some pretty amazing stuff, but I guess musicians know when it’s time to move. I’m not gonna write a sort of in memoriam, because I’m terrible at it, and also, I didn’t know DV that well. Just this one thing: their final effort, called IN THE OH SO DREARY EVER-LONG, containing some notable new tracks and a couple of older ones (including the extravagant 25-minute odyssey called The Existentialist’s Persian Rug Mantra), sounds like a fitting tribute to their own true soul. Good luck, guys!

Here’s the chilling farewell…


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