Swiss Trip Pop Artist AYU Scores With Soulful Single ‘ANOTHER MESS, I’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 January 2019

(photo via AYU – press)

Artist: AYU

Who: “Being born in Bern (Switzerland), and living in Hamburg (Germany) AYU is a songstress
and producer delivering a mixture of contemporary pop, future-thinking electronics, catchy
RnB tunes and sweet indie. Her so-called Trip Pop is a deep push-pull dialogue in which heart-stoppingly honest lyrics meet rhythmic x dreamy vocals, and futuristic beats are combined with swirling guitar patterns. At the centre of her playful genre clash, the singer’s warm voice attracts everyone who listens to her right away.”

Pick: ANOTHER MESS, I – Ayu’s brand new second single

Score: Only 5 days in the New Year and here’s the very first 24 karat gold hit of 2019.
I’m not drunk and I’m not joking. ‘Another Mess, I‘ has all the right sonic ingredients. It’s soulfully trippy, emotionally atmospheric and charmingly poppy with a mid-tempo groove that reminds me of the introspective side of some of Massive Attack‘s dreamy soundscapes. This is a gorgeously arranged and tenderly composed mixed emotions musing with Ayu‘s characterful and heart-whole vox in the middle. I repeat: this is a hit, this is a winner.
Discover the touching beauty right here…

AYU: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter 

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