Denver’s Turbo BACKSEAT VINYL Speeds Like A Bat Out Of Hell On New Missile ‘CHAMP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 January 2019

Denver‘s supersonic turbo BACKSEAT VINYL was formed by Nate Fuller and Keenan Clarke about 4 years ago playing some ear-piercing metal/punk havoc. But they changed their sound pretty quickly afterward. Now anything they do is about s-p-e-e-d. LOUD SPEED! FUN SPEED! HEATED SPEED! CRAZED SPEED! CATCHY SPEED! MIND-TWISTING SPEED!
A full steam ahead longplayer is on its way. Ahead of it the band just shared a new molotov cocktail track off the LP, entitled CHAMP. Believe me, Green Day & Blink 182
sound like pussies compared to this hair-rising missile. C’mon, go nuts right here…

BACKSEAT VINYL: Facebook –  Twitter

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