Aussie Singer-Songwriter LAURA IMBRUGLIA Launches New Red-Hot Banger ‘THE CREEPS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

It’s been more than five years since Australian musical chameleon LAURA IMBRUGLIA released her third album What A Treat. But she’s totally ready for her come back with new longplayer SCARED OF YOU. After revealing previous new songs Tricks and Diptich she launched another new cut today. THE CREEPS is a red-hot rage injected banger filled with loud and clear mixed emotions with Imbruglia‘s voice spitting with disgust, contempt and apprehension while the impetuous and razor-sharp guitar riffs sound at times as if they want to kick someone’s head in. The boisterous knockout ends with a significant scream. What a hot-blooded performance this is. Bang bang bang!

“I think The Creeps is pretty relatable content. It’s just a simple song about being irritated that an ex-lover can still rattle you when you see them, no matter how many years have passed or how much water is under the bridge. The feeling I’m describing is closer to heebie jeebies than the creeps, but I didn’t want this song to sound like that Roy Orbison song “Ooby Dooby” so I settled on ‘the creeps’ as a close enough description.” – Laura Imbruglia

Experience the volcanic eruption right here…


SCARED OF YOU – out 29 March – all info & pre-order facilities here

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