Norwegian Duo MISTY COAST Creates Carefree Dreamworld On New Single ‘BACKSEAT WARRIORS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

16 January 2019


Who: Dream pop duo Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust from Bergen, Norway

Track: BACKSEAT WARRIORS – vocalist Linn Frøkedal says “the song is inspired by her childhood in the tiny village Etne, located on the west coast of Norway. When I grew up there was nothing to do there, so if you didn’t happen to love football, horses or music, then you
most likely spent the days styling your car or driving up and down the streets of Etne, collecting Wunderbaum – or Little Trees – in your rear-view mirror.”
The track is from their sophomore album ‘Melodaze‘ out 25 January. A record heavily inspired by the pair’s two-month stay in Berlin.

Score:Backseat Warriors‘ is an imaginative fusion of soothing electronics, longing vocals/harmonies and starry-eyed melodiousness that transfer your moony thoughts
to carefree places and memorable moments where reality is not invited. Romantic colored meditations like this, drenched in a relaxing bath of sonic warmth, trigger your phantasy and cause a comforting state of mind. Catch the melancholic rainbow here…

MISTY COAST: Facebook – Instagram – iTunes

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