THE CRAMPS’ Charismatic And Frenzied Frontman LUX INTERIOR Passed Away 10 Years Ago Today…

4 February 2019

Tumultuous misfits THE CRAMPS were a terrifically entertaining and rakish glam psychobilly sensation started by lovebirds LUX INTERIOR (born Erick Lee Purkhiser
in 1946) and POISON IVY (born Kristy Wallace in 1953) back in 1972 in Sacramento, California. Their live shows (with a regularly changing line-up over the years) rapidly became the hottest talk of the town (and later the world) as their adrenalin injected
rock ‘n’ roll explosiveness embraced all things spicy, decadent, sexy and provocative as well in sound, lyrics and excitatory appearance. In one word: PERFECT! They released a series of albums, from red-hot toppers to a couple of flops, but never failed when it came to unleash their hellish demons on stage. Unfortunately, their tempestuous roller coaster exploits came to an end when Lux Interior passed away on 4 February 2009, only 62. Ten years ago today. Cause of death: aortic dissection. To remember the unforgettable and one of a kind motherrocker Turn Up The Volume! selected three rad The Cramps (live) knockouts. Let’s fucking roll…




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