Irish Engine FONTAINES D.C. Release Lead Single Of Debut LP – Here’s ‘BIG’…

Brand new sonic impulses

Along with Idles and Shame Irish gang FONTAINES D.C. leads the revival of fervent punk rock annex acute social criticism. “It’s more confusing than it was before – there’s just a huge lack of trust in any form of media or narrative voice. No one really believes anything, and what we’re having to do is form some kind of truth for ourselves. I think that anger in modern guitar music is just confusion, in a way” says the band.

Following last year’s release of some blazing debut tracks their first longplayer, titled DOGREL will hit the streets on 12 April. Here’s ahead of it the lead single BIG. A short, speedy and agitated tirade tackling the pressure of ambition. In the accompanying clip
the protagonist is a young kid in the streets of Dublin. ““We felt that great ambition was a sickness, and we got singer Grian’s 11-year next-door neighbour to say it to you all because
he’s got the presence of a hundred frontmen”

Listen/watch here…

FONTAINES D.C.: Facebook –Twitter  

Debut album DROGEL out 12 April – all details here

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