Belgian Electro Duo USE KNIFE Debuts With Dance Drone ‘FOR HELVEDE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

18 February 2019


Who: Two Belgian musicians with a mutual love for analog and modular electronic machinery. They want to explore and express hallucinatory freethinking visions to contemporary living. Their music is composed around propulsive electronic rhythms
and ricocheting sequenced melodies, all kept in line by Angry Young Words.


Score: ‘For Helvede‘ is both hypnotic and high-powered electronic rapture. A glorious
blend of irresistible dance rhythms and melodic dynamics with a remarkable vocal performance intensifying the whole experience. This is a booming electro killer with
an exuberant chorus that will make your heartbeat go bonkers and that will increase
your pulse rate to a dangerous level. Think underground dance junks D.A.F. teaming
up with icons Depeche Mode for some dazzling synth beats ecstasy. Impressive drone!

Tune in…

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