BLUR Released Sexy Single ‘GIRLS & BOYS’ 25 Years Ago Today…

Sonic knockouts from the past

7 March 2019

Girls & Boys‘ by BLUR

It was the lead single of their, third, triumphant album Parklife. After being released on
7 March 1994, 25 years ago today, it reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart. Frontman and songwriter Damon Albarn wrote it after a holiday in Spain with his then-girlfriend Justine Frischmann. According to Albarn, the city had “really tacky Essex nightclubs. All these blokes and all these girls meeting at the watering hole and then just copulating. There’s no morality involved, I’m not saying it should or shouldn’t happen.

Love in the ’90s is paranoid
On sunny beaches…

BLUR: Facebook – All Singles

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