AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS Will Blow You Off Your Socks With Hot-Blooded Ripper… ‘MONSOON ROCK’

Brand new sonic impulses

7 March 2019

After two nasty EPs Giddy Up (2016) and Big Attraction (2017) Melbourne’s hot gang AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS are gearing up to conquer the whole wide world with their debut LP on 24 May. In the meantime let’s go totally gaga to their smashing, title track, single MONSOON ROCK. A sweaty, raw, rip-roaring sledgehammer. An anarchic wallop that will blow you off your socks, folks. Frontwoman Amy Taylor‘s flaming rapping rock ardency is all over the place while deranged guitars and a blasting bass/drums turbo pump up the electricity to an insane level. ROCK ‘N’ ROLL IS NOT DEAD! Here’s why…


The band will tour the UK and Europe in April (all dates here) and for the lucky ones (like me in Brussels on 8 April) who will see them in action here’s a taster of their live power…

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