Blitzkrieg Dance Belter ‘NO GOOD (START THE DANCE) by THE PRODIGY (1994)…

Sonic knockouts from the past

11 March 2019

‘No Good ‘Start The Dance’ by THE PRODIGY

The very first time I heard/saw this blitzkrieg dance missile was on MTV. Afterward, I went out and bought the cd single. I knew the band by name but had actually no idea how they sounded. This all changed that very moment. What attracted me was the nasty rock edge
it had, something I never had experienced at that time with dance/trance/techno music. Also, that hyperkinetic character (Keith Flint) in the clip added an insane element to the whole picture. ‘No Good ‘Start The Dance‘ was released as the 2nd single of The Prodigy‘s second studio album Music For The Jilted Generation on 16th May 1994. The dazzling track was built around a repetitive vocal sample from You’re No Good For Me by Kelly Charles (1987). It peaked at #4 in the UK and scored high all over Europe.

Rest in peace, Keith Flint…


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