Brooklyn’s RUSSIAN BATHS Going Paranoia On New ‘PARASITE’ Single…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 March 2019

Blustery tandem RUSSIAN BATHS from Brooklyn, New York shared their new kick-ass hammer called ‘PARASITE‘. This is what the band’s Luke Koz has to say about the track: “Have you ever had an insect burrow into your brain and force you to drown yourself? Cured
a headache with a hand grenade? This song is about these legitimate questions.”

Well, it seems like this is not your average love song, folks, rather the paranoid hangover
of a surreal and mind-damaging nightmare. And the sick result is bloody smashing! Like
a Sonic Youth eruption coupled with an exploding Nirvanesque chorus and injected with doomy male/female vocals. Play this damn loud, crush that insect in your brain and keep your hand grenade ready to erase your headache. Lots of deranged fun! Press the button right here…


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