Sound-Exploring Los Angeles Duo TANGIENTS Reinjects COCTEAU TWINS Banger ‘HAZEL’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

18 March 2019

Los Angeles duo TANGIENTS is a “two-sided enigma, a dichotomy, a shadow and its’ reflection. Maybe they have something to prove. Maybe they can’t decide if they’re a modern day post-punk outfit or an early-80s-inspired shoegaze dreamscape weavers. Maybe it doesn’t matter, because it hits.”

Their brand new single is a cover of HAZEL, a stomping song by Scottish ethereal dream pop legends COCTEAU TWINS released as a B-side on their 1983 single ‘Peppermint Pig‘. The breathtaking performance of TANGIENTS inventive interpretation of this track is just astonishing. Massive tribal drums inject this reverberating banger with a gigantic beat from the get-go. When jigsaw guitars and singer Chelsea Ray‘s voodoo vox kick in Siouxsie and The Banshees pop up instantly in your aural imagination and when a sinistrous bass tries to take control in the final minute you’ll experience an imposing sonic finale. This is not a cover, it’s a ravishing recreation.

Inhale the energy right here…

TANGIENTS: Facebook – ‘Hazel’ on Apple Music

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