London’s 4-Piece BLACK MIDI First Real Sensation Of 2019…

Up and coming…

21 March 2019

BLACK MIDI are four youngsters, not even 21 yet, from London causing sensational waves with their frantic live performances since they hit the live scene of England’s capital only one year ago. They soon became the talk of the town wherever they landed, in and out of the UK. So far they have only recorded two rip-roaring tracks – ‘bmbmbm‘ (pronounced by the band as ‘Boom Boom Boom‘) and ‘Speedway‘ and signed to Rough Trade two months ago. Hype or not? Definitely not. After watching their 5-track – with 4 of them marked as ‘untitled’ – live set (below) played in Iceland last November (recorded for Seattle’s famous KEXP Radio) you’ll understand all the buzz these remarkable, adventurous noisemakers generated so far. Turn it up, folks! Here’s the first real sensation of 2019…

Black Midi played the by now famous alt festival SXSW in Austin, Texas
last week. Music website Stereogum interviewed the band. Read it here.

Here are the two mind-boggling tracks this foursome put online so far…

– bmbmbm –


BLACK MIDI: Facebook

(credit photo on top: Iceland Airwaves / KEXP Seattle)

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