New York’s DANIELIA COTTON Loud And Clear On New Single ‘SHE TOO’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

2 April 2019


Who:A Jersey-born singer-songwriter who grew up inspired by the angst of rock and roll
music. Carrying this angst through her songwriting, Cotton is currently inspired by recent
issues of racial tension and female equality and has always turned to music to express her feelings about being a black woman in the music industry, specifically in the rock genre. She already has released five albums.

Track: SHE TOO – new single in which Cotton “channels the rage that women feel and carry on their backs, giving a voice to the fight for equality and provides an unapologetic commentary on the current political climate stemming from movements such as #MeToo, the fight for equal pay, and the recognition of women of color.”

Score: Wow! Cracking stuff, musically as well as lyrically. ‘She Too‘ is a high-powered hard-rocking blues uppercut with its towering guitar riffs, rumbling drums/bass ferociousness and upfront Cotton‘s determined and forceful vox. A loud and clear message to all sexists and racists on this troubled planet. “Women are equal and empowered. Hear us roar” is one of Cotton‘s feminist mantras! Damn right! And she walks it like she talks it! Tune in and feel the unyielding determination right here…

DANIELIA COTTON: Website – Facebook

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