RAYON NELSON – Spirited Soulful Voice Shares Touching Musing ‘FREEDOM’…

Brand new sonic impulses

4 April 2019


Who: London-based singer/songwriter “with eclectic influences from Jamaica, London and Suffolk, his music presents an inspirational and compassionate lyricism, set often to a sonic backdrop which encompasses a broad fusion of styles. Shaped by early exposure to an array
of different music such as reggae, old school gospel and soul from artists including Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Lauryn Hill, Rayon Nelson’s work is a matchless synthesis of the styles and vibes that formed him.”

Track: FREEDOM – new single from his upcoming EP. “I wrote it after being inspired and somewhat burdened to do something about the killing of young youths and also about young refugees. My mentality before was, I don’t have any money so I can’t do much… but I realised I could write a song! So this is a way of doing something! ” said about the story behind the song Nelson

Score: ‘Freedom‘ moves like a slow-mo, intimate R & B musing with a gospel-like chorus. It’s a genuine beauty that makes you long for better, more human times. The combination of Nelson‘s soulful, affecting voice and the overall heart and soul touching tone lifts the stirring song to an inspiring and yearning level of hope. Capture the sincere tenderness here…


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