Belgian Synth Pop Outfit TURQUOISE Spreads Sparks On Splendid Self-Titled Debut EP…

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10 April 2019


Who: Synth pop quartet from Brussels, led by dreamy vox Sarah Boom, producing
music “from 70’s beaches to 80’s shores (Durutti Column, The Chameleons, Cleaners from Venus), through the sirens’ songs, with their ethereal and hazy voices, and hours of listening
to Broadcast, Cocteau Twins or Slowdive as an inspiration.”

Release: self-titled 4-track debut EP – out now and available on Bandcamp
and streamable via Spotify

Score: Four different tracks, four different moods, four different trips. From the bouncy and flourishing opener MIRROIR that will make your heartbeat jump for joy, to the more reflective sentiment of MIRADOR, before getting to the sparkling, yet darksome twilight poppiness of CHAT NOIR and closing with my favorite track PARABOLE, an exhilarating electro pearl fueled with fabulous guitar play that causes goosebumps along its ravishing way. This 4-stage journey is a splendid cocktail of dreamy ingredients, from New Order‘s blue dynamics to Cocteau Twins‘ transcendent melodiousness. And as we all know that French is probably the sexiest language in the world you will be thrilled to start your electronic odyssey right now, right here…


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