WHERE WE SLEEP Shares Electrical Doom Groove ‘THE DESERT’ From Upcoming Debut EP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 April 2019

(photo by Nando Carniel Machado / received via Beth)

Beth Rettig, the notable frontwoman of former British electro act Blindness started her solo project WHERE WE SLEEP last summer with three strikingly ambient tracks (Veins , Crawl and The First One). Now she presents brand new track THE DESERT from her upcoming debut EP, entitled EXPERIMENTS IN THE DARK.

‘The Desert’ is an electrical groove with an intoxicating beat that creeps under your skin instantly while a harrowing guitar sends shivers down your spine. On top of it comes Rettig‘s mystifying vox. Splintering passion is at play here. ‘I destroy myself / There’s been
no-one else
.’ Similar spellbinding sentiments as in Garbage‘s soul-stirring ‘Beloved Freak’. Haunting score! Absorb the gloom right here…

WHERE WE SLEEP: Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp

EXPERIMENTS IN THE DARK – 5-track EP out 31 May – all details here

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