LED ZEPPELIN – 16 April 1970 – ‘A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE’ Goes Gold…

Knockouts from the past

16 April 2019

The classic LED ZEPPELIN track ‘WHOLE LOTTA LOVE’, released as a single almost everywhere in the world, except in the UK was certified Gold in the US on 16 April 1970, 49 years ago today after selling over one million copies. The band’s record label Atlantic Records also wanted to launch this gigantic rocker in the UK as a single and had pressed initial copies for release on 5th December 1969. But giant (literally) band manager Peter Grant refused categorically. He wanted no exception regarding Zep’s no-singles policy for the British market (the reason for this strategy was to maximize album sales).

Anyway, here’s that towering ripsnorter with its king-sized riff…



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