Experienced Welsh Team KEYS Launches New Teasing Jam ‘BLACK AND WHITE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

16 April 2019

Band: KEYS

Who: An experienced Welsh team with several albums, EPs and singles on their CV. Producing music that “touches on the wide eyed wonder and boundless possibilities of
the sixties pop song, West Coast harmonies, Motown backbeat and the aggression of post
1968 proto-punk, sets them apart as true believers in the communion of Rock and Roll.”

Track: BLACK AND WHITE – new single from upcoming LP

Score: Probably the track with the longest foreplay I heard in years. ‘Black And White‘ is an electrical jam that grows slowly but surely towards its orgastic climax. A teasing cut with a chillin’ swagger inviting you to walk cool, look cool and sound cool. Now put on your black sunglasses and act as if you were born to move to this bad-ass groove…

KEYS: Facebook – Twitter

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