Electrifying Duo COWGIRL Will Dance In Your Head With New Earworm ‘DIFFERENT WAYS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 April 2019


Who: The soul child of Danny Trew Barton & Sam Coates. Starting as a bedroom project taken to the studio in 2018. Both hail from York, England. After a revolving back line of musicians, they hit Greenmount Studios in Leeds late last year to lay down some tunes…”

Track: DIFFERENT WAYS – third single via Desert Mine Music

Score: A honey-sweet electrifying humdinger that sticks directly. Imagine The Jesus & Mary Chain and Teenage Fanclub deciding to do together what both did separately throughout their careers: making infectious pop earworms embedded in guitar drenched melodies that float around in your head all day long after one spin. ‘Different Ways’ has that same unadulterated, catchy feel-good timbre. You can sing along, hum along or whistle along…

COWGIRL: Facebook

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