London’s Dedicated Three-Piece THE RINGARDS Have Resistless Advice… ‘STAY WHERE YOU STAND’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 April 2019

Social-politically committed and dedicated London trio THE RINGARDS got some well deserved critical acclaim with the release of last month’s angry and pissed-off uppercut single ‘ Glasgow Television‘. A legit reason to share a fresh re-work of an older song.

STAY WHERE YOU STAND shows how terrifically amazing this trio is. This mid-tempo belter built around an irresistible drum/bass beat will make your feet stomp along instantly. And when the telling vocals kick in it’s like you’ve been transferred on the
spot to a vintage Libertines corker. Add some staccato jingle jangle guitars, a poppy
synths sequence midway and a scream/sing/hum along chorus and what you get
in the end is a resistless winner you’ll have on repeat immediately. Tune in here…

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